Bas Bosch Show & Lecture

The Dogueclub secured world respected breed specialist judge, Mr Bas Bosch (Netherlands) for what we promoted as a breed speciality show for the Dogue de Bordeaux.

The Castle Hill Ag Society agreed to appoint Bas Bosch as the breed judge for the Dogue at their April show.  

Followed the next day, was a Molosser Breed seminar at the Erskine Park Dogs NSW grounds for the Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiff, Bullmastiff and Mastiff.  Essential attendance for all breeders, judges and enthusiasts.  The latter half of the day was dedicated to a limited number of bookings for breeders/owners to have their dogs assessed by Bas Bosch and provided with a high quality, one page, computer printed critique, signed by Bas.

Photos and club member critiques to follow shortly.  Check back soon.

Castle Hill & Hills Districts Agricultural Society Inc 02 April 2011 
Dogue de Bordeaux 
Judge: Mr B Bosch – Belgium 
Total Entry: 40

Class 1 – Baby Puppy Dog 
1st - 683 Moloscyg Jacques Bollinger (Moloscyg) 
Absent - 682 Bellarouge Walk the Line (Miller) 

Class 3 – Puppy Dog 
1st - 684 Bronzantiq Live by the Code (Currey/Smith/Bloom) 
Absent 685 Amiantan Titan (Madgwick) 
Absent 686 Chienparadis Ciel (Wright) 

Class 4 – Junior Dog 
1st - 687 Bronzantiq Champagne Supernova (Currey/Smith) 
Absent 688 Espion Des Gladiateurs Du Guesny (IMP FRA) (Smith) 

Class 5 – Intermediate Dog 
1st - 689 Bronzantiq Vieux Soldat (Bloom) 
Absent 690 Durhamdogues Blackjack (Gondar/Thompson) 

Class 10 – Australian Bred Dog 
1st - 692 Moloscyg Th Salty Seaman (Moloscyg) 
2nd - 691 CH Deauxrogue Cyris (Gondar/Thompson) 

Class 11 – Open Dog 
1st - 694 CH Rhodonite Roman Emberez (IMP UK) (Miller) 
2nd - 696 Moloscyg Baby Brougham (Stirling/Moloscyg) 
Absent 693 CH Chienparadis Adeaus (Gondar/Thompson) 
Absent 695 CH Moloscyg Return The King (Moloscyg) 

692 Moloscyg Th Salty Seaman (Moloscyg) 
694 CH Rhodonite Roman Emberez (IMP UK) (Miller) 

Class 1a – Baby Puppy Bitch 
1st - 702 Moloscyg Very Veuve (Moloscyg) 
2nd - 701 Moloscyg Moet For Me (Moloscyg) 
3rd - 699 Bellarouge Pandora (Miller) 
4th - 697 Bellarouge Ville de Peche (Miller) 
Absent 698 Bellarouge Aurora Australis (Miller) 
Absent 700 Moloscyg Frankincense N Myrrh (Moloscyg) 

Class 3a – Puppy Bitch 
1st - 703 Moloscyg Skylah (Moloscyg) 
Absent 704 Moloscyg Felicity (Moloscyg) 

Class 4a – Junior Bitch 
1st - 707 Ecstasy De La Tour Gelee (IMP FRA) (Smith) 
2nd - 705 Deauxrogue Jenacide (Gondar/Thompson) 
3rd - 706 Jerivindi Shala (IMP UK) (McArthur) 
Absent 708 Scoobyshack Hilton Wright (Wright) 

Class 5a – Intermediate Bitch 
1st - 709 Camelots Chunky Cherub (IMP USA) (McAarthur) 
2nd - 712 Bronzantiq Whozz Ya Daddy (Smith/Currey) 
3rd - 710 Moloscyg Gretchen (Moloscyg) 
4th - 713 CH Chienparadis Shanton (Willie) 
Absent 711 Moloscyg Topsy Turvey (Nobul/Moloscyg) 

Class 10a – Australian Bred Bitch 
1st - 716 CH Moloscyg Champane Kisses (IID) (Moloscyg) 
2nd - 714 Ataraxia Clarissa (Bloom/Smith) 
3rd - 715 Deauxrogue Genesis (Gondar/Thompson) 
4th - 717 CH Lambda What Not (Willie) 

Class 11a – Open Bitch 
1st - 719 CH Beastsrus Bronte (Gondar/Thompson) 
2nd - 721 CH Moloscyg French Kissn (Moloscyg) 
3rd - 720 Lois Bella Rouge z Orisku (IMP CZECH) (Miller) 
4th - 718 Ataraxia Diva Damour (AI) (Bloom) 

709 Camelots Chunky Cherub (IMP USA) (McArthur) 

709 Camelots Chunky Cherub (IMP USA) (McArthur) 

702 Moloscyg Very Veuve (Moloscyg) 

703 Moloscyg Skylah (Moloscyg) 

707 Ecstasy De La Tour Gelee (IMP FRA) (Smith) 

709 Camelots Chunky Cherub (IMP USA) (McArthur) 

716 CH Moloscyg Champane Kisses (IID) (Moloscyg) 

Puppy & Junior bitches also got their classes in GROUP!