Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Australia

Puppy Enquiries and Covid-19


As you are all aware, these are certainly unprecedented times.

Some of our members are finding themselves quite overwhelmed with puppy enquiries at the moment. Whilst we certainly appreciate your interest in the breed, we hope you understand that the wait for a thoughtfully bred, purebred pup may be longer than normal in the current circumstances.

Normally the wait could be anywhere from 6 months once you have made contact with a chosen breeder. As you can appreciate, puppies don’t just come off shelves. Females have to come in season, fall pregnant, whelp and the pups are with their mum at least 8 weeks, often more.

At this time it is impossible for us to meet new potential puppy owners. We cannot have people in our homes, all ANKC activities are cancelled in line with government instructions.Therefore we cannot meet at dog shows or sporting activities.

Some breeders may have put breeding plans on hold completely for various reasons. Those that are able to proceed with plans or have pups due, may have people that have already been waiting months for a pup.

With that in mind, we hope you understand if the breeders on our Members List may not get back to you immediately. We would encourage you to follow up any enquiries in a couple of months or so, or if you see someone advertise pups, if you are still in a position to take on a puppy at that time.

We do understand that many of you may be able to work from home now, and believe you have the time to devote to a new family member. But, unfortunately, plans weren’t made by breeders 6 months ago to meet the demand for puppies at this time.

We encourage you to use this time to research the breed. If you see puppies advertised, remember all pups are cute. But ask are the parents HIP, ELBOW SCORED & HEART TESTED? ask to see their papers and check out our guide lines for appropriate scores/results. If you have questions, feel free to email the club.