Raphael Alcrudo Show

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Following are the results from the August 2008 show under breed specialist Mr R Malo Alcrudo.

Entries 26

Puppy dog
1. Bordogue Tobias

Jnr Dog
1. Ch. Moloscyg Baby Brougham (Hudson)
Amiantan Augustus - Absent
Chien Douceur Decouvreur (imp Swd) - Absent

Inter Dog
1. Ch. Rhodonite Roman Emberez (imp UK)
2. Runderkraal Mitch
3. Ch. Bordogue Reginald

Aust Bred Dog
1. Gr Ch Bordogue Benjamin

Open Dog
1. Moloscyg Too Kewell (Harry)
Ch. Solomon De Legeane (imp Ndl) - Absent

Challenge dog - Moloscyg Too Kewell
Res Challenge - Ch. Moloscyg Baby Brougham

Jnr Bitch
1. Ataraxia Diva D'Amour
2. Ataraxia Piper Girl
3. Bellarouge Genevieve (Viva)
4. Ataraxia Clarissa
Amiantan Amity - Absent

Inter Bitch
1. Ch. Moloscyg Champagne Kisses (IID) (Judy)
2. Moloscyg Gabrielle (Gabby)
3. Ch. Bordogue Joelle

Aust Bred Bitch
1. Ch. Ataraxia Indienne (Lily)
2. Ch Bordogue Sian

Open Bitch
1. Ch. Ataraxia Roubaix (IID)
2. Ch. Moloscyg French Kissn (Blondie)

Challenge Bitch - Ch. Moloscyg Champagne Kisses (IID)
Res Challenge - Ataraxia Diva D'Amour

BOB - Moloscyg Too Kewell - Group 4th
RUBOB - Ch. Moloscyg Champagne Kisses (IID)

What was fantastic about the judging was that Mr Alcrudo was critiquing the dogs as he went along. We feel he did a great job and a real pat on the back for the work the Aussies are doing was his comment on the challenge bitch line up - that "these dogs could compete anywhere in the world". That is a worthy statement from someone who has judged the Dogues at the French Clubmatch where the entries are usually between 200 and 230!

Finally, we have to do a special congrats to Harry who managed a Group 4th placement which was no easy feat given the other dogs in the Group line up. Group went to the very famous Siberian, Freddie from Qld.