Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Australia

Black Masks

 The Dogue de Bordeaux can have 3 different mask colours, they are the black mask, brown mask or no mask. All 3 are acceptable. Whilst there was once some heavy debate surrounding which mask colour was "correct", most breeders no longer really concern themselves with mask colour. Instead choosing to focus on breeding sound, healthy dogs that meet the standard. Put quite simply, the standard permits all three and as such anybody concerning themselves with arguments about which colour might be "correct" are wasting their time on a long moot point. 

The FCI Standard No 116 dated 30/06/95, which was adopted in Australia in October 95, states the following regarding the black mask:

"Black mask: The mask is often only slightly spread out and must not invade the cranial (skull) region. There may be slight black shading on the skull, ears, neck and top of body. The nose is then black."

Of course some people have personal preferences when it comes to mask colour and many prefer brown or no mask. But, it's hard not to appreciate a dog with a lovely head piece that is highlighted by a black mask.

If you own a black mask in Australia you will likely find the stunning male, Aust. Ch. Zamadeus Garde D'Honneur du Monde (Imp Blg), somewhere in your dogs pedigree. Zam was imported by club members Moloscyg Kennels and his contribution to not just the black mask, but the breed in general here in Australia has been significant; with many kennels proudly boasting that he exsists behind their past and present dogs.

Below are some photos of some black mask Dogues that we hope you appreciate.