Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Australia


There's been some suggestion that an Isabella coloured Dogue de Bordeaux is not allowable, that the colour is a fault. This is incorrect, Isabella IS an allowable colour, as stated in the standard. It's definitely different to the norm, it comes from a recessive gene. But, it's perfectly acceptable and no more, or less desirable than any other allowable colour in the breed.

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed standard (FCI) states any shade of fawn, from isabella to mahogany. Again, neither is more or less desirable, it is simply a range. As it is a French breed it makes sense that one should look to French for a translation on this. 


The below is taken from The Dogue de Bordeaux breed standard (FCI)



The below gives the definition of the colour Isabella



Needless to say, if both an Isabella and Mahogany coat are being judged, they should be judged equally on correct type. Not on the colour of their coat.


Below are some examples of Isabella Dogues de Bordeaux