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What to expect from a Responsible Breeder

What to expect from RESPONSIBLE breeder...

Getting a puppy from a responsible breeder isn’t easy. It’s not a case of walking up to a pen full of puppies, choosing which one you want and leaving with that puppy. Nor should it be. Just as you expect certain things from breeders, health testing, proper treatment of pups and parents, good living conditions, correct socialisation, microchips, vaccinations, worming, puppy packs etc. Responsible Breeders expect certain things from you. So don’t expect to contact them and say which pup is available and when can I collect it, expect some of the following....

Expect to be asked to complete an application and answer questions. Responsible breeders want to know who you are, what you do, where you live and your level of experience. They want to know where their puppy will be living, how you plan to raise it and be comfortable with their decision. The easiest way to ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning is a quick questionnaire. If you don’t have time to complete an application and answer questions. They likely won’t have time to answer your questions or consider you for one of their pups. Just like you want to buy from a responsible breeder and have your questions answered, they want to place their puppy with a responsible family and have their questions answered.

Expect to potentially wait for a future litter. A good breeder often has a list of people waiting for a pup that they will notify first of what is available prior to advertising. To avoid disappointment, get on that list. You don’t have to wait for a pup to be advertised to ask when a breeders next litter is planned. We are also dealing with nature here, you don’t decide to have a baby and get one the next day. Same applies to puppies.

Expect not to know which pup will be yours immediately. For responsible breeders, it’s not a case of first in best dressed. They don’t think that person enquired first, they get the biggest pup or their pick. These breeders watch their pups grow and develop over many weeks, before they will decide which pup will go where.

Expect to wait past 8 weeks to bring your pup home. Sure, 8 weeks is the minimum time by law a breeder must keep the pup with its mother and litter mates. But, that doesn’t mean they have to go the day they hit 8 weeks. Responsible breeders are in no hurry to push their puppy out the door. They often run them on until 9-10 weeks.

Expect to sign a contact. This is for the benefit of all involved. It outlines your responsibilities and those of the breeder. In both the short and the long term.

Expect your breeder to want ongoing updates. The breeders blood, sweat and tears have gone into producing and raising these pups. They would like to see them grow and develop.

Finally, if you don’t expect these things, you probably shouldn’t expect to get a puppy from a responsible breeder. Just like you have questions and want to know you are buying from someone trustworthy, they don have questions and want to know they are selling to someone trustworthy.