Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Australia

Club Members

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As members, we all have common philosophies regarding what it means to breed, promote and protect the Dogue de Bordeaux.


Below are many of the ethical practices we believe in:

  • Minimum health testing including hip and elbow scoring at the very least, not limited to additional health test such as heart, eyes, thryroid etc.
  • Using those health results to make the best decision regarding a mating combination, not combining two Dogues with high hip or elbow scores, not combining Dogues with the same faults.
  • Not every puppy in a litter is show/breeding quality.  In reality there are only a few puppies in a litter which are excellent quality for showing and breeding.  The remainder are sold as loving family pets and not used for breeding.
  • We all use Contracts with our dogs.  For both the protection of the Dogues well-being, as well as for both the new owners and the breeders benefit.


ONLY THE ABOVE LISTED ARE DOGUE CLUB MEMBERS.  If any breeder claims to be a member either verbally or anywhere on the internet, please check this website for actual members. You can also email the club via the contact tab to confirm pending updates to the website.


The Club's Committee Members are Amedange, Ataraxia, Bellarouge, Bronzantiq, Moloscyg Kennels.